Your herd, flock, and pets deserve the best nutrition

Superb Livestock and Pet Feed


Whether cattle, horse, goat, poultry, small animals or show feeds, Jefferson Landmark has the right food for your animals. And we sell in bulk or retail sizing so no matter how many critters you have, we’ve got you covered. We are a Certified Expert Dealer for Purina, and that means we offer a full line of Purina products and our staff includes trained, knowledgeable animal nutrition professionals. We also supply quality dog food from Diamond, Victor & Southern States Pet.


Our feed experts will work with you to create custom blends to achieve the results you want in your livestock.  With our expert help you can expect:

  • Custom feed mixing
  • Nutritional consulting
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Consistent blend
  • Direct-shipped manufactured feeds
  • Bulk and bagged feed delivery


Home, home on the range! Cows and horses come in many breeds, sizes, and ages and each has their own nutritional needs. Jefferson Landmark experts can make sure you get the right feed for the right animal at the right price. We sell in bulk so you can feed the whole herd!


Other Livestock

Sheep and pigs and chickens, oh my! No matter what kind of livestock you are tending, Jefferson Landmark has the right product for each specific animal with custom mixing and the freshest feed in the area. Them critters tend to eat a lot, so we sell in bulk to keep them full and happy.

Other Livestock


When I needed a hand, I found your paw. Let’s face it, pets are like family and deserve only the best. That’s what you’ll find at Jefferson Landmark. It seems every year there are warnings about some pet foods. Our experts only sell the finest pet food with the highest nutrition so your little buddies, so you’ll never have to worry about what you purchase here.



If you feed them, they will come. The number one rule in deer and turkey hunting is to go where the deer and turkey are. From shelled corn to distillers’ grain and other custom feeds and attractants, we will keep ‘em coming to your stand.



We don’t feed the birds because they need us, we feed the birds because we need them! Jefferson landmark has everything you need to keep your ornithology groove intact with multiple kinds of feeds to attract different types of birds and the cutest feeders you’ve ever seen.


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